Thursday, August 27, 2009

SQL Saturday #21 – Session Submitted

I just submitted my session for SQL Saturday #21 in Sunny Orlando Florida.  I have been working on a presentation for about about month and I want to test it out.  The title is, “Using the CLR to Monitor Disk Space”.  In the session I will show how I used a couple of CLR Functions and Stored procedures to centrally monitor disk activity all of our SQL Servers. The cool thing about it is that I have recently added a notification module.  If the disk reaches the configured threshold an email is sent notifying all parties of the occurrence.

I know that there are several tools that are already being used to perform such an action, but I am always looking for a new way to accomplish and old task.  For me, its a way to learn about new technologies and show how they can be put to work. 


Talk to you soon

Patrick LeBlanc, Founder and SQLLunch

SQL Down South

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