Monday, August 24, 2009

Article Of the Week

I really enjoy reading technical articles. They often enlighten me on new technologies or provide me with a new way to accomplish an old task. On most days I am inundated with new reading materials (Books, Magazines, Web Postings, Blog Postings, T-SQL Scripts, etc…) and it is often difficult to sift through it all and find the ones that are really worth reading. However, since I am working on my PhD and consider myself an educator, I have decided to read even more. As a result, I have decided to share one of my favorite articles from the past weeks readings with all of you hear in my blog. Some of the articles will be new and some will be older, but each article should provide someone with some type of information. So let’s get started.

The first article, in the many to come was published in the January 2008 MSDN magazine. Ian Stirk’s article, Uncover Hidden Date to Optimize Application Performance, highlights the many uses of Dynamic management views and functions. He provided the reader with several queries that would assist in solving various performance problems that can be traced back to poorly performing database queries. Several queries are given that can help DBAs identify Costly Queries by I/O and CPU, Fragmented Indexes, Missing Indexes, Queries Suffering from Blocking, and many more. If I had to choose my favorite query among the many I would have to say the one that helps to identify Missing Indexes by Database.

Go out and read the article when you have some time, especially if you are having some performance problems. Thanks Ian for a great article. Check back next week for another article.

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