Friday, August 7, 2009

Baton Rouge SQL Saturday – Evaluation Summary

Well I just finished reviewing the evaluations for my presentation, Introduction to SQL Profiler, which I gave at the Baton Rouge SQL Saturday on August 1st.  The reviews were great, but this makes me wonder if some of the attendees were biased because I was involved in organizing the event.  Maybe they were a little generous on the evaluations.  I am not saying that I am not a good speaker, but of the 40 people in attendance not one provided me with any constructive criticism. I am not complaining about the good response, but I always enjoy when I get good and bad comments, this helps me prepare better for my next talk.  Our next user group will be broadcasted via a Live Meeting, so if you want to give me so good constructive criticism  on how I can make my presentations better, send me an email to pleblanc@tsqlscripts and I will send you the invite. 


Wait I spoke to soon, I just read found one of my evaluations stuck in a stack with another presenter. This person is a Microsoft Employee and had this to say:

“I suggest you use ZOOMIT to make the presentation better”. 

That is a great comment.  I deferred from using ZOOMIT in this presentation because I thought if I increased the font size in Management Studio that would suffice.  Apparently not.  I think next time, I will ensure that I continually poll the audience about presentation and demo visibility.


Talk to you soon

Patrick LeBlanc

SQL Down South

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