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Vote for Our SQL Rally Pre-con


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Honestly, I want each of reading my blog to vote for our Pre-con(Full Day Business Intelligence Workshop).  However, as with any voting process you have choices. most cases you do.  We often feel or believe that our vote does not count.  I really believe that this is going to be a little different.  I am really excited about the SQL Rally and more excited that our Preconference seminar was selected as one of those that are now being voted upon.  So, why should you vote for our Pre-con?

I have been referencing the pre-con as "Ours", that is because four individuals will be delivering the conference.  The team of presenters/authors include Adam Jorgensen, Mike Davis, Devin Knight, and myself.  I am not going to list the credentials for each person, but I will say that each presenter has taught full day courses in building Data Warehouses, SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS.  In addition, we are all regular speakers at various SQL Server events, including SQL Saturdays, Users Groups, and PASS.

Still not convinced?  Each member of this team has designed, created and delivered solutions that encompass each of the tools that will be presented during the Precon.  First, we will spend time teaching you how to transform your Operational database to a data warehouse.  Adam Jorgensen will take a deep dive into Dimensional Modeling and all the techniques required to create you data warehouse database.  In the next three sections, which are all very demo-centric, you will learn from Devin Knight, Mike Davis and myself how to build SSIS Packages to load your data warehouse fully or incrementally, then we will show you how to create and maintain an SSAS cube and finally we will use SSRS to create visually appealing reports for your end-users.

This may seem like a lot to accomplish in one day, but we will be taking a very explicit and focused approach in regards to each technology.  For example, we are not going to discuss every transform in the SSIS control and data flow toolboxes.  However, we will provide detail explanations of the tasks that are vital when building and ETL solution.  At the end of the day you will leave with the knowledge and tools needed to build a complete data warehouse solution.  As an extra touch, we will not be using the traditional Adventure Works database for our demonstrations.  We will be using some real world data that will enhance the discussions and potentially create a more engaging learning experience for all attendees.

So with that, I am not going to restate our abstract, nor am I going to talk about how good all the other sessions are.  What am I going to say is that as a part of the community and a potential attendee of these Precons, go and vote so your can make a difference!  Hey, I kind of sound like a politician, maybe I will run for the PASS board next year ;).  See you all at the PASS Summit in two weeks and hopefully next year at our SQL Rally Preconference Seminar.

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Talk to you soon,

Patrick LeBlanc, SQL Server MVP, founder

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