Thursday, July 1, 2010

SQL Server MVP - Are you kidding me?

I received an email today stating that I had been selected as a Microsoft SQL Server MVP for 2010.  This is my first MVP award and I am elated to become part of such a distinguished group.  What a great community!!!!

Thanks to all those that nominated me and thanks to the MVP team!

Talk to you soon,

Patrick LeBlanc, SQL Server MVP

Founder and

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  1. Congrats! You definitely deserve this recognition. Keep up the good work and get us some more swag for our user groups - MVPimp!

  2. Thanks everyone. I have some technet subscriptions to give away :).

  3. I just saw this. Wow! Very, very, very cool. :-) I'm really happy for you (and proud in a strange way). You deserve it, look at all you have done! You're a man on fire!