Monday, September 14, 2009

Windows Internal Database

This past Friday I received a call from our systems team stating that they were running low on Disk Space on a SQL Server server that their team used for Share Point.  He stated that there was an .LDF file that was really large, and could he just delete it.  Yeah, I said jokingly, but quickly retracted the statement because he was on his way.  I knew that the offending databases recovery model was set to Full and that they were not backing up the Transaction Log.

After getting a little information about the system, I determined that I could change the recover model to simple.  I logged into the machine to find the SQL Server instance name.  To my surprise I did not see a SQL Server running on the box.  I did however notice that a Windows Internal Database service was running as a Service on the Machine:



I immediately did a web search (Windows Internal Database), which resulted in several great listings.  I am not going to repeat what the articles stated, but I am going to provide a great link from that helped me solve my problem.

Administering your Windows Internal Databases (Microsoft##SSEE) instance.

I installed SSMS Express, connected to the instance and changed the recovery model to Simple, problem solved.

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