Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SQL Saturday #22 Pensacola Recap

Saturday I drove up to Pensacola for SQL Saturday #22.  Me and several others from Baton Rouge, including my two kids left Baton Rouge around 3AM. 


We arrived at SQLSat22 around 7:30AM.  We registered and had a few donuts.  Then Patrick Jr. (9), Kalyn (5) and myself headed to Steve Jones’s 7:30 am Session, Basic SQL Server.  After that, I realized that the image for my 10:15 session,Introduction to SharePoint 2010 BI and PowerPivot, was not working.  As a result, I needed to find Karla Landrum (SQLSat22 fearless leader) to let here know that I needed to change the session. 

So instead of attending a session I went through a few of my presentations and narrowed the list to two.  I allowed the room of attendees to vote between Introduction to SQL Profiler or SQL Server Compression.  It was unanimous, the Profiler.  I had given the presentation a couple of times so it went off without a hitch.  Well at least until my little girl, Kalyn, decided that she wanted to co-present.  Good times for all, that’s all I can say.

Next I attended, Chris Skorlinski, session Introduction to Change Data Capture.  This was a great session.  I was able to take information from his session to improve my second session.  I did not have time to make the changes before my session, but the changes will be added before I give it again.  After that it was time for a vendor session and lunch.  I attended the FusionIO session, and it was very interesting. 

Finally, it was time for the best session of the day, CDC+SSIS=SCD.  I quote my good friend Tim Mitchell, “the most entertaining hour of the day”.  To my surprise there were more speakers in the session than attendees.  They waited for me to fail, but to their disappointment it was a complete success.  I have to say thanks to Tim Mitchell for saving the day, when my little girl interrupted again,“Dad my tooth fell out”.  He helped me by helping her rinse it out and wrap it in some tissue for the Tooth Fairy. I am going to make the presentation even better in the weeks to come.  If you did not have a chance to join us, I have submitted it to PASS and hopefully it will be selected.

This was my second time Speaking at SQL Saturday in Pensacola and it was a great event.  Karla and her team did a great job.  There were several well known speakers at the event, Brad McGehee, Kevin Kline, Steve Jones, Trevor Barkhouse, Joe Healy, Troy Gallant, Devin Knight, Barry Ralston, Tim Mitchell, Joe Webb and many more.  This was a great event for our Technology Community in Baton Rouge, We had four speakers (William Assaf, Cody Gros, Brian Rigsby, and myself) that made the trip to Pensacola.  Unfortunately, I had to leave when my session was over, but I am sure the remainder of the day was awesome. 

Talk to you soon,

Patrick LeBlanc

Founder www.TSQLScripts.com and www.SQLLunch.com.

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