Thursday, June 10, 2010

SQL Lunch Events

We are scheduling more and more events daily on the SQL Lunch.  Just as a reminder here are a few of the upcoming events that will be broadcasted soon on the SQL Lunch.

SQL Lunch #22

Date and Time: 6/04/2010 11:30 AM CST

Event URL:

Presenter:  Thomas LeBlanc

Topic:  Adding Columns to a Large Table with Transactional Replication and Database Mirroring

Description:  SQL Server 2005 updated replication with the ability to have schema changes replicated to subscriptions. This seemed to be a great solution to custom software releases. You could ALTER a table and the changes would magically appear on the subscriber. Life was great. Also in 2005, database mirroring came along to help with High Availability to a Disaster Recovery site. Life got even better. The problem is with large tables and Tlog heavy changes. This is a step by step process we use to release software to these large tables.

SQL Lunch #23

Date and Time: 7/12/2010 11:30 AM CST

Event URL:

Presenter:  Patrick LeBlanc

Topic:  SSRS R2 – Shared DataSets and Report Parts

Description:  SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 introduced two new capabilities. Developers now have the ability to publish Data Sets and Report Parts (tables, charts, etc) as items that can be used by individuals building reports using Report Builder 3.0. In today’s session Patrick LeBlanc will show you how to create Shared Data Sets and Report Parts. He will then explain how to publish these items out to a Report Server. Using Report Builder 3.0, he will also show you how your end-users can use these items when building their own reports.

If you have time, try to attend these events.  If you are interested in speaking at any of these events please email me at

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