Sunday, May 23, 2010

Upcoming SQL Events

I realized this morning that I will be participating in three SQL Events this week and I want to share the event information with everyone.  Two of the events are available online and the other is a local user group meeting.  If you have time logon onto one of the webcasts or join me at the Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group.  The events are as follows:

Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group

Date and Time: 5/25/2010 5:45 PM CST

Event Location:  Lamar Advertising, 5551 Corporate BLVD, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Presenter:  William Assaf

Description:  What are DMV's in SQL 2005/2008, and how can you use them to improve query performance, discover indexing needs and more?  Dynamic Management Views are essential tools for the SQL 2005/2008 administrator but have a wide range of applications by developers, network engineers and DBAs.

SQL PASS Appdev Presents

Date and Time:  5/25/2010 8:00 AM EST

Event URL:

Presenter:  Patrick LeBlanc

Topic:  Introduction to SQL Profiler

Description: The SQL Server Profiler is a powerful, but underused tool. Often developers and some DBAs don’t realize the potential the tool has to offer. In this session I will show you how to use the tool to identify poor performing queries. I will also detail steps that can be used to identify blocking and deadlocking. Finally, I will provide sample scripts and methods that can be used to proactively monitor your SQL Server for inefficient queries and stored procedures.

SQL Lunch

Date and Time:  5/25/2010 11:30 AM CST

Event URL:

Presenter:  Max Trinidad

Topic:  SQL Server and PowerShell Working w/Databases

Description:  Looking into using SQLPS.exe how to work with databases on multiple SQL Servers. See How-To Configure your PowerShell profile to make your scripting environment more productive. This session will have a lot of samples".

If you have time, try to attend these events.  If you are interested in speaking at any of these events please email me at

Talk to you soon,

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