Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010 1st Quarter Review

I know it’s kind of late to write a review of my first quarter goals, since we are well into the second quart of 2010.  However, I did state in my blog post earlier this year, 2010 1st Quarter Goals, that I would keep you all abreast of my progress.  So, how did it do?  Unfortunately, I failed miserably on a few goals, but, on the other hand,I exceeded my expectations on others.  Here is the list from my initial post with a few comments about my progress:

1. Learn everything I can about SQL Server Analysis Server – I have been on several engagements since my posting and I have to say that my SSAS skills have definitely improved.  MDX is still somewhat of a challenge, but I am working on it. 

2. Two blog postings per week -   Yeah right.   In the first quarter I posted 22 blogs, which is pretty close to two, but there wasn’t any consistency to my posts.  This is something I am really going to work hard at improving.

3. Publish two articles – I did publish two articles on  If you would like to give them a read, here they are:

Incremental Loads with Change Data Capture – Part: 2  Detecting Changes

SSRS – Creating a Master/Detail Report

4. Speak at a minimum of three events (SQLSaturday, SQLLunch, PASS Virtual Chapter, etc…)

I was able to speak at four events, speaking at 5 sessions.  The sessions are as follows:

Tampa Bay SQL Saturday – SQL Server Backup and Data Compression 101

Tampa Bay SQL Saturday – Iron Chef Data Warehouse

SQL Lunch Webcast – Introduction to Partitioning

Pragmatic Works February SQL Server 101 Series – Beginning T-SQL

Charlotte SQL Saturday - SQL Server Backup and Data Compression 101

5. Schedule SQL Lunch speakers for the rest of the year (at least 2 per month) – This I found was a very optimistic goal.  I have decided to scale it back to finding speakers for each quarter.  So if you want to speak please send an email to

6. Submit 2 videos to SQL Share – Unfortunately, I did not get around to recording one video for SQL Share, but I have two topics that are ready to go and I will get them submitted before the second quarter of 2010 is over.

7. Submit an abstract to SQL Server Standard (Grant Fritchey) – This item has been removed from my list until further notice.  I have be asked to participate in a few larger writing commitments that really monopolize a lot of my free time.  Once I have completed those obligations I will reevaluate and I try to get an abstract submitted.

As I stated in my first Goals post, my goals tend to change as the year progresses. With the exception of number 7 in the above list of the items, all of the goals will remain for the Second quarter of 2010.  I have already fallen behind in regards to my blog posts.  Therefore the goal is not to post twice a week, that goal has been modified to post at least once a week on a consistent basis.  In addition to that modification I have added one item to the list and it is as follows:

Submit three abstracts to the PASS conference. 

Maybe I will get selected.  Either way I plan on attending and I look forward to meeting many of you there.

Talk to you soon,

Patrick LeBlanc, MCTS

Founder and

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